some of the people I know here with supposedly Lefty Politics also fetishize a very twee Oxbridge Englishness in a gross and ultimately Tory way and um ew

halfsquaretriangles replied to your photo: “mittens selfie”:
eeee look how the yarn bloomed to fill out the fabric when you blocked it! these are gorgeous!

^_^ yeah, it really did! thank you!!

mittens selfie

blocking the mitts turned out so well!

last night I dreamt that they were part of a spell and I had to take care not to disturb them (which was probably a good thing out of the dream too, they were pinned to part of my mattress). I just unpinned them a few minutes ago and tried them on and aaaaaaaaa the fibres relaxed but that made them longer which means they actually fit more snugly and I can’t get over that even though it’s perfectly simple but it still feels like stitch magic


Just Kyary batting her eyes in mock-innocence


Just Kyary batting her eyes in mock-innocence


NVM Illustration - Fauna And Flora, 2014      Drawings

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how to cover dark circles

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Buffy Season 4 feelings in brief:

- wow that last episode was racist af

- the Faith double episode was gr9, favourite part of the season hands-down

- generally speaking BTVS I guess survived the perilous teen drama transition from high school to college more or less intact - tepid applause

- Adam, lushwig-fittgenstein and I have agreed, is a Saturday morning cartoon villain. This does not make him less boring.

- I really disliked the whole Initiative storyline tbh, like it took absolutely no imagination to see precisely how that was going to wrong. The only interesting reveal was when you found out that Riley and Forrest were a part of it and like that got old p fast.

- in which BTVS joins every other sci fi/fantasy/horror/monster tv show in treating the lives of its few PoC characters really cheaply (see as well point 1) and after Kendra’s episodes I’m not surprised but I also feel like it deserves being said in a really big way, definitely by someone other than me

- Spike and Anya made a lot of the less-good episodes worth it tbqh



I finally finally blocked my mittens and sure enough the fibres relaxed a whole bunch - they measured 19 cm long and 9 cm across the cuffs before, 22 cm x 7.5 cm after, so I’m hoping as well that this’ll make them a little tighter and less prone to slipping off bc that really spoils the cool factor of purple fingerless mitts



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